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Damacai 1+3D and 3D

1+3D and 3D from Da Ma Cai

The Damacai 1+3D game is one that is offered by Da Ma Cai or for those who are more familiar, Pan Malaysia Pools(PMP). This game is played by most Malaysians throughout Malaysia, very much like 4D which is also a very popular game in Malaysia. The Damacai 1+3D game however is slightly different and gives you more chance of winning in fact.
The way the game is played is very similar to that of Malaysia and Singapore 4D where you will have to choose between the 10,000 possibilities of a 4 digit number. This means that you will have to first identify between 0000 to 9999 in any combinations. After that, you will have to identify how much you would like to place. The minimum for any 4 digit string is RM1 and the winnings will exponentially multiplied by how much you placed.
On every draw day, there will be a total of 23 numbers which are drawn. If you are familiar with the Malaysia and Singapore 4D game, then the Damacai 1+3D game is easy to play. It increases your winning chances because it does not only let you win by matching all 4 digits. There are 2 types that you can buy in the 3D and 1+3D game. The Damacai 1+3D game is actually equivalent to the 4D game where you win cash prizes once the numbers you place on are drawn.
In 1+3D, you can place on ABC or A. ABC which is also known as Big forecast means you win if any of your 4 digit numbers are drawn among the first, second, third, consolation or special prizes. If you placed on A which is also known as Small forecast, your 4 digit must be drawn in the first, second and third prizes to win. The cash payout for the ABC and A are as follow:
For every RM1 you buy,
A – Small Forecast
First Prize : RM3,500
Second Prize: RM2,000
Third Prize: RM1,000
ABC – Big forecast
First Prize : RM2,500
Second Prize: RM1,000
Third Prize: RM500
Starter Prize: RM200
Consolation Prize: RM60
To increase your chance of winning, you can place in the 3D game which allows you to win if the last 3 digits of the first, second and third prize numbers are drawn. Numbers in the Starter and Consolation categories are not eligible for winnings. If you buy on A (Small) only the first prize has any cash winnings while ABC is applicable for the first, second and third prize respectively.
For every RM1 you place on, you will win,
A – Small Forecast
First Prize : RM660
ABC – Big forecast
First Prize : RM250
Second Prize: RM210
Third Prize: RM150