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About Magnum Corporation Malaysia

Magnum Corporation Berhad, the company that implemented Magnum 4D, incorporated in 1968 was the first licensed gaming company in Malaysia. The company was granted the rights to promote, operate and manage the gaming business and has been in operation ever since then. The company, a public listed company in the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange went private in 1970.

While there are a few other 4d and other 5D, 6D gaming companies in the country, Magnum were the earliest to have offered such services in 4D gaming. Banking on the 4 digit forecast concept, it has steadfastly holding on to the 4D business until today. The company, which is headquartered at Jalan Pudu, holds number draws every Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays with an exception of Special Draws results on certain days.

The Magnum 4D signage is easily recognizable as it has not changed much ever since its inception and can be found in almost all parts of Malaysia. There are more than 600 branches that one can buy their luck on 4D. A minimum of RM1 for each purchase is required and winnings can be collected either at the 4Doutlet for small payouts or at the magnum headquarters for bigger winnings.

Magnum 4D is the market leader in this industry, perhaps being the pioneer they have a stronghold in establishing their brand name across the country. Most people would easily relate 4D to Magnum even with other operators offering the same type of game with similar winning prizes. The company, which predominantly manages the gaming business has also other diversified businesses like real estate, leisure, information technology and printing as well as offshore investments. Magnum has always been actively participating in the development of sports and cultural events in the country.

Magnum Corporation has been consistently contributing either as sponsors or stakeholders to the many sporting and cultural events in Malaysia, bringing in international acts and performers to these shores. Perhaps one of the most significant sponsorship deals that Magnum was involved in was in the Formula 1 championships when the company sponsored the Minardi team and their driver, Alexander Yoong. The move provided Magnum an international recognition and enhancing their branding image and identity. Contact: Magnum 4D (Four Digit Game – Empat Nombor Ekor) mbox, m-box  Tel: 03 2141 6766